During these special times it is hard to find a good destination for your vacation, considering the travel restrictions that the swedish public health agency tips us about. But the purpose with this article is to inform you about the possibilities that are available to still get your vacation in the best way as possible.

We all know about the crowded areas in Stockholm that we all rather avoid in one way or another. Here comes an excellent alternative for you who nothing else wants to overcome these obstacles, and at the same time probably spend your vacation in a new manner. First when you hear about a motorhome vacation, it might not get your attention. But if you rent a motorhome in Stockholm you will get satisfied. The motorhomes that are available are suitable for all companies, from one to six persons. What these motorhomes offer you except comfort, is an adventurous way to explore the most beautiful camping spots in Stockholm. As it has already been explained, a vacation with a motorhome is exceptional to avoid crowded places, to not mention the fact that this way to spend your vacation also respects the restrictions that the swedish public health agency tips us about.

The good thing with Stockholm is that the city has so much to offer and explore. In northern Stockholm there is Norrtälje and Östhammar that gives you a feeling of calmness, and a great experience in the nature. At the same time, you can visit the historic mansion Österbybruk if you are interested in history. At Österbybruk there are good opportunities for local craft shopping and antiques. Of course there are also some roads of hiking for those who feel like enjoying the beautiful nature in the right way. The hiking road Upplandsleden offers a lot of crooked routes but also open landscapes where you can get through the wonderful Roslagen.

Except Roslagen in the north, you can also visit the south of Stockholm, such as Långholmen, at Hornstull. Here you can sign up for a guided kayak ride in the beautiful city. If you are looking for something more cultural yet in the south of Stockholm, there is this very interesting prison museum at Långholmen as well. Both of these places that have been mentioned are well located for the Motorhome, as you can park it at Långholmens own little camping spot and then take a walk to wherever you want to go. And then there is also Tantolundens camping spot as another alternative, which is close by the miniature golf course which is recommended, especially for those with kids. This miniature golfing course was so to speak the host for the World Cup miniature golf in 2011 and the feeling to play at a World Cup arena might be a very cool experience!

Look at this way to spend your vacation as something new you, but perhaps also your kids might appreciate. Try on the calm and still camping life, and explore with the motorhomes from Stockholm other sides of the city, where the peaceful takes over, disregarding heading north or south of Stockholm.

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