Welcome to the largest Web Site about the Old Town in Stockholm. This is where you find everything you need to know and how to find at the Old Town, the most visited tourist destination in Sweden. The Old Town is located in the very centre/heart of Stockholm and has a history the goes back approx. 1000 year.

At the Web Site you get information about all the views, museums, libraries, when and where the change of the Royal Guard takes place, where to eat, best places for a good cup of coffee or tea, where to find the hidden secrets, the more than 100 public work of art, how to visit the Parliament, where the 16 palaces are to be found, how the public transportation works, how to get a taxi and much more. We have even listed all the toilets, mail boxes, wifi hot spots. This is where you find all the information you need about the Old Town of Stockholm.

The most asked for information regarding the Old Town is: What to know before your visit, when and where is the change of the Royal Guard, when is the Royal Castle open for visitors, where are the museums, some special places to eat and drink, where to stay, how to get there with public transportations and if you can park your car there. We give you all these answers and many more.

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